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The name of my business is Soulful Spaces because I create spaces that are grounding and support people in connecting with themselves and nature. With our busy and sometimes stressful lives, having spaces that help us feel nourished and centered are vital to our well being. Often people know they want areas that provide this but feel overwhelmed with all the planning and detail it takes to actually get there. Most people want to do the right thing environmentally but don't know what exactly that means or where to start. 

That's where I come in. I guide clients to connect with their values and vision while using sound ecological principles to carry those out. We work together to create a design that works both for clients and the Earth. 

I work with all sizes of projects although small spaces are one of my specialties. If you're interested in landscape design, you can click here to learn more. For balconies and courtyards, you can click here


I grew up on a working farm in Eastern North Carolina. It was there that I began my appreciation for nature and the gift of beauty in our surroundings. I have a degree in Landscape Design from North Carolina State University and studied Landscape Architecture for two years at Louisiana State University. After graduating I tried numerous careers as a floral designer, a hairstylist, a project manager and a metalsmith. Working in these areas gave me an opportunity to meet all kinds of people, explore my creativity and determine my talents. 


In 2014, I realized that landscape design was where I was destined to be all along. I got a job at one of the top Design Build companies in San Diego and was back on my original path of landscape design. Since then I've taken many trainings to learn the latest concepts being used to created environmentally friendly spaces.  I now blend ecological landscape design with deeper meaning into spaces filled with intention as well as beauty. It's great to have watched the path come full circle. 

I work with individuals as well as businesses to create meaningful, intentional ecologically friendly spaces. I currently live in Newcastle, Australia and am available for international work as well. 


You can reach out to tell me more about your project and schedule a consultation here. I look forward to meeting you!


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