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This young family needed to convert their sharp and pointy desert front yard into a place where their toddler could play safely. They also wanted a place they could comfortably sit and interact with the pedestrian traffic of their North Park neighborhood. It was important to bring in an element of curiosity so their son would be learning while playing. We also needed to maintain the drought tolerant and low maintenance aspects that previously existed. 

We started by building a low wall around the entire yard so their toddler would stay safely inside. We added a low maintenance, drought tolerant groundcover as a grass replacement and moved the pre-existing rocks between the pavers and into the planting areas. They needed a pathway through the front yard so we combined that with the seating area. We removed any sharp succulents and replaced them with softer drought tolerant plants. The water fountain, rotating blooms and interesting shapes all provide a sense of learning for their son.

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