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landscape design

Lush, drought tolerant plant in San Diego

I'd love the opportunity to work with you to create a design that expands your livable space and helps you feel grounded and connected to nature. I guide clients to connect with their values and vision while creating a design that also works with the Earth.  I blend landscape design with energetic healing into a unique blend of intuitive landscape design. We'll prioritize details and determine the plants, materials and placement that works best for you and your goals. The 3D program I use gives clients the ability to visualize exactly how the area will look so they can feel more comfortable in their decisions. All these details are combined into a set of documents so you'll be ready to build whether that's tomorrow or years away. 

Click here to tell me more about your project and schedule a consultation. 

Customized 3D videos of your design

Landscape design for every style

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions
and by the depth of our answers.  
- Carl Sagan
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