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Whenever you are creating beauty
you are restoring your own soul.
– Alice Walker

Meet Julia 

I combine my design skills, plant knowledge, ecological principles, and energetic connection to the land for a unique blend of intuitive landscape design. I connect with my client’s needs as well as the energies and spirits of the land we are working on to create best possible solutions. We work together to create a design that works both for clients and the Earth. 

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"Working with Julia was such a pleasure and - honestly - a great relief. I started out with online research and shopping. I felt so overwhelmed by too many options in styles and colors and did not really know where to start. Even though I know what I like, it's hard to keep all the moving parts in mind in the store when presented with hundreds of options. Julia was like a home therapist. She not only made it fun to talk and think about big and small details of my interior, but she also helped me to find the true intention of how I wanted to create my  space. Her thoughtful questions and truly curious and non-judgmental approach were extremely helpful to me in finding out what my priorities were. It was not about imposing what she thought would work best, but really helping me find what I thought would work best for me and my family. In addition, she had so many great creative ideas and suggestions along the way. It's clear that she knows what she's talking about and she can visualize how things will look. She is also absolutely honest, which I find very helpful as I don't have time for beating around the bush. All in all, it was a great experience and I am absolutely sure I will be working with Julia again when I have another decorating or landscape design project. "

Alexa Young, CA

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